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New Manchester Local TV channel has launched

Late Night Live on That's Manchester
Local TV channel That's Manchester has gone live this evening on Freeview channel 8 in the Greater Manchester, in a very low-profile 'soft-launch'.

Programmes started up at 9pm with a news bulletin. Alongside the channel's launch, That's Manchester's website has gone live providing viewers with basic information about the new service, although much about the new channel is not known.

The channel had until midnight tonight to launch, according to its Ofcom licence, which was issued earlier this month.

The new channel was configured on Freeview on Friday, since when viewers have been able to retune Freeview to gain access to the new service (which broadcasts on UHF channel 56 for manual tuning purposes). YouView boxes in the area have added the channel automatically to the channel list.

This map shows the official coverage area of Manchester's local TV service

  • The multiplex carrying Movies4Men+1, Heart, Capital, Fire Hit TV and Chart Show TV across Manchester has been missing important data for the past few weeks, meaning that TVs have lost programme information, or even all of the affected services during a retune (or have seen the channels moved to the 800s).  If you have lost access to these services, a retune should now restore them to the correct channel numbers with the current programme information following a fix that was undertaken late on Sunday evening following reports on internet forums.


  1. Is this then on the same mux Channel M used to use?

    1. That's Manchester is carried with POP and QVC Extra on a separate local TV multiplex to the one that used to carry Channel M. The former Channel M multiplex carries Capital, Heart, Fire Hit TV, Movies4Men+1, Chart Show and POP+1 to a small area in and around Manchester.


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