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Freetime dominates Freesat box sales

Freesat's Freetime platform now accounts for more than 50% of set-top-box sales for the free-to-air satellite service.

The smart TV platform provides a roll-back TV guide with catch up from all the main public service broadcasters, plus apps including BBC Sport, YouTube and Curzon Home Cinema alongside around 200 free TV channels and radio stations delivered via satellite.

Freetime gained twice the number of new customers in the first three months of 2015 compared with the same period in 2014, and during the course of the last year, Freetime has accounted for more than 50% of box sales.

Freesat says that remote record "continues to be an important area of development and differentiation
since its initial launch as a key feature of the Freesat App in January 2014". It reports that the strong take up of the service led Freesat to offer the feature via email to Freetime PVR customers in January 2015. Results have been positive with the number of customers setting remote recordings doubling every month.

The roll-­out of the Freesat app for Kindle users drove demand for the Freesat app in the first quarter, helping the company to reach new audiences and achieve its goal of exceeding 500,000 downloads within the first year of launch.


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