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BBC News Channel schedule changes from 1st June

From 1st June, Outside Source comes to BBC News in the UK
The latest changes to the BBC News Channel take effect from 1st June, with new programmes joining the channel's schedule.

From the 1st June, the BBC News Channel will be allowing UK viewers to watch extra content from commercial channel BBC World News for the first time. Simulcasting programmes that are already running on BBC World News are part of the cutbacks to reduce the running cost of the News Channel. 

Business Live, which launched back in April on BBC World News will be simulcast on the BBC News Channel every morning at 8:30am, with a round-up of the morning's business news, presented by Ben Thompson and Sally Bundock.

At 9:00pm, the two channels will show interactive news show Outside Source with Ros Atkins from Monday to Thursday, giving the BBC World News show its first regular timeslot in the UK - it's previously turned up at short notice during international breaking news coverage in place of the Six O'Clock News on the BBC News Channel. On Fridays at 9pm, an international news bulletin from BBC World News is followed on the News Channel by Newswatch and The Film Review.

The BBC News Channel effectively closes down at midnight, with the midnight BBC News Channel bulletin replaced by a simulcast of Newsday, the BBC's international news and business show, which broadcasts three editions during the East Asian breakfast TV slot on BBC World News. Presented live from London and Singapore, UK viewers have until now only seen the last edition of Newsday, at 1am.

At the weekends, BBC News Channel will join BBC World News for the latest international news in World News Today at 9pm.

Together with changes to morning programming made in April with the introduction of the Victoria Derbyshire show, a simulcast with BBC Two, the BBC News Channel's daily rolling news output is effectively reduced to 1100-1800 and 1830-2030, with the last 90 minutes of unique news programming between 2230 and 0000 taken up by two editions of The Papers and Sportsday with the 11pm news sandwiched in-between.

During simulcasts with BBC World News, UK viewers usually see extra content during ad breaks, such as the latest UK news or an extended weather forecast.

The amount of simulcasting with BBC World News has drawn criticism in the past, with viewers complaining about a lack of coverage of UK news events during the night-time hours, effectively giving Sky News and commercial social media outlets free reign over any developing news stories from the UK that aren't deemed relevant enough to the BBC's international audiences.

Typical News Channel schedule Monday-Thursday from 1st June
6:00am BBC Breakfast (simulcast with BBC One)
8:30am Business Live (simulcast with BBC World News)
9:00am BBC News
9:15am Victoria Derbyshire (simulcast with BBC Two)
11:00am BBC News (simulcast with BBC Two)
11:30am BBC News - rolling news
1:00pm BBC News at One (simulcast with BBC One)
1:40pm BBC News - rolling news
5:00pm BBC News at Five
6:00pm BBC News at Six (simulcast with BBC One)
6:30pm Sportsday
6:45pm BBC News - rolling news (7:45pm Thurs: Meet The Author)
8:30pm HARDtalk (also on BBC World News)
9:00pm Outside Source (simulcast with BBC World News)
10:00pm BBC News at Ten (simulcast with BBC One)
10:30pm The Papers
10:45pm Sportsday
11:00pm BBC News
11:30pm The Papers
11:45pm Sportsday
12:00midnight Newsday (simulcast with BBC World News)
12:30am HARDtalk 
1:00am Newsday (simulcast with BBC World News)
1:30am Asia Business Report (simulcast with BBC World News)
1:45am Sport Today (simulcast with BBC World News)
2:00am BBC World News (simulcast)
2:30am Yesterday in Parliament (repeated from BBC Parliament)
3:00am BBC World News (simulcast)
3:30am Current Affairs programmes
4:00am BBC World News (simulcast)
4:30am HARDtalk (simulcast)
5:00am BBC World News; World Business Report (simulcast)


  1. Wonder why they don't simulcast the one on BBC Four...

    1. I still think of the golden days off BBC News 24, but alas because of the cutbacks that's no longer possible, one good note however, its nice now seeing BBC World on the News Channel

    2. The worrying thing about these government enforced cutbacks is by ditching the UK exclusive content for many hours of the day they're effectively limiting the channels ability to cover the governments actions and any criticism of those actions.


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