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Spike launches in the UK

Spike has launched in the UK, with digital TV platforms adding the channel just hours before its launch.

It becomes the home of US drama Breaking Bad, along with Lip Sync Battle, Sons of Anarchy, fantasy drama Olympus plus movies and martial arts.

Its launch time was the subject of confusion, with Spike's official publicity and social media accounts advising viewers right until early evening to tune in to the channel from 8pm, and other sources 7pm.

When were you launching tonight?
In the end it launched at 7:00pm, with a not-quite simulcast of Police Interceptors on Channel 5 (series 8, episode 9), which hadn't been widely promoted.

Viacom and Virgin Media failed to agree on distribution terms, so Spike's launch took place on terrestrial and satellite TV platforms only.

Freeview Retune
On digital terrestrial TV service Freeview (including those with YouView or EE TV boxes), Spike has launched on channel 31. Viewers who can still see 5 USA on channel 31 need to retune, as the US drama channel has moved to channel 21, following changes to VIVA earlier today.

No Spike for some on Sky
On Sky, the channel failed to launch on time in Wales. It belatedly joined the rest of the UK in getting the channel on 160.

More information about Spike TV UK from a516digital:
Spike FAQ: questions and answers about the new channel

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The Guardian:
while it might seem as if the channel exists only to have a series of drunken sexual encounters with ITVBe next to the bins outside a nightclub, it turns out that its schedule isn’t entirely worthless. 


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