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Sky updates Sky+ boxes to save energy

Sky+ boxes will save more energy from today, with a new update extending its overnight  'eco-mode'.

Other updates include improvements to the Planner to simplify navigation and make it more intuitive. Upcoming recordings are in a new ‘Scheduled’ page alongside Smart Series Links which not only records the current season, but also remembers to record all episodes of future seasons when they come back on TV.

Customers that love bingeing on Sky Box Sets can now delete whole series from their Planner in one go using the yellow ‘Delete All’ button. That means once you’ve caught up with all the episodes of Game of Thrones, you can delete the entire series ready for the next one.

Re-ordering of the Planner, new ‘Scheduled’ tab and ‘Delete All’ features make it easier, according to Sky, for customers to find and manage their recordings and downloads.

Summary of other changes:

  • Sky Movies and Sky Store trailers: Customers can watch full screen theatrical trailers for hundreds of movies from Sky Movies and Sky Store, helping customers decide what to watch.
  • Accessibility: Sky has worked with the RNIB to develop a new accessible setting for its partially sighted customers, giving them the option of increased colour contrast and bold lettering. 
  • Parental controls:  The ‘Family’ setting will hide all adult channels, pin protect all pre-watershed playback of on demand content and movies with a 12 rating and above,  and Sky Store purchases. 
  • Eco Mode: has been extended by 50%, now automatically switching off the Sky+HD box from 2.45-5.45am to save more energy. 
source: Sky

Luke Bradley-Jones, Brand Director, TV Products, comments:
“We know the Planner is crucial in helping customers organise their TV viewing so we’ve made some neat changes.  Now when you record the latest season of Game of Thrones, you’ll find the most recent episodes right at the top of your Planner. And that’s not all, there are even more improvements coming later this year, including a simple but very clever feature that lets customers go back to the start of a film on Sky Movies if they’ve missed the beginning.”

The software update is now rolling out to customers and will be available to over 8.5 million homes with compatible Sky+HD boxes by the end of June this year.


  1. it look like the Pace, Samsung & DRX780 Sky+HD boxes will NOT receive the R011 update

    those boxes also lost out geting R006 & R007


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