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Satellite Update: Tasty frequency change

Food Network has become one of the latest free-to-air channels to change frequencies on satellite, as part of a recent shuffle around of services on satellite to make best use of capacity.

Following similar changes earlier this month, viewers using a non-Sky or Freesat satellite receiver must now retune in order to keep Food Network, Food Network+1 and CBS Reality.

Sky and Freesat receivers are largely unaffected by these changes, but a very small number of receivers that have lost these channels may need to be rebooted after being switched off (but not unplugged) for around 30 seconds.

Food Network, Food Network+1 and CBS Reality continue to be broadcast on a satellite transponder that covers most of Europe.

Food Network, Food Network +1 and CBS Reality
Eutelsat 28A
Broadcast standard
Symbol Rate
27500 (27.5 Mbaud)
Earlier this month, CBS Action, Information TV, Irish TV, Bonanza Bonanza and Heat were among  channels that changed frequency (see previous Satellite Update). As the majority of viewers use Sky or Freesat's Electronic Programme Guide, these changes are generally not widely publicised or pre-announced.

Several Sky subscription channels including Sky 1 (SD) and Sky Atlantic (SD) have also changed frequency, however the impact has been minimal, with most Sky receivers successfully being repointed to the new frequencies without any user intervention or reboots.

  • During early Summer, several channels broadcast for Sky and Freesat users are expected to move to Astra 2G, a new satellite that is currently being maneuvered for testing purposes and is scheduled to join  Astra 2E and 2F orbiting above the earth at 28 degrees longitude East above the equator. Astra 2G is the last of three new satellites that are replacing older vessels that have been in service for well over a decade, including Eutelsat 28A. More information will be available later this year.


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