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Satellite Update: New frequency for Bonanza Bonanza and CBS Action

Viewers with generic free-to-air satellite receivers will need to retune to continue watching a number of popular free TV channels on satellite.

CBS Action, Bonanza Bonanza and Horror+1 are among the most popular channels that have changed satellite frequency.

Most Sky and Freesat receivers should automatically point to the new frequency - actual channel numbers are unchanged. Freesat boxes that can't find these channels should be put in standby for a couple of minutes and then restarted. If this fails, a Freesat scan should rectify the problem in most cases.

Music channels Heat and Magic have also moved alongside Bonanza Bonanza and CBS Action on the new frequency. This is relevant to Freesat viewers who may have recently re-added Heat to their satellite receiver via manual tuning following its removal from Freesat's channel guide on the request of the channel's operator last month.

Bonanza Bonanza, CBS Action, Horror+1, Heat and Magic   
New frequency
Eutelsat 28A
Broadcast standard
Symbol Rate
27500 (27.5 Mbaud)

  • In other news, Irish Sky viewers can now watch TV3+1 on channel 117.


  1. hi wot anding sky cbs action horror channel +1 and bonanza bonanza channel wot new number channel tune sky not anding

    1. Sky channel numbers have not changed. If you are missing channels you may wish to restart/reboot your receiver. Alternatively, contact Sky customer support.


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