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Satellite Update: Minor channel clearout!

The end of March has seen a clearout of some minor satellite channels as valuable Sky slots are traded around.

Sky limits the number of standard definition channels on its platform, creating a market for trading slots on Sky's Electronic Programme Guide. A beneficiary of the latest clearout will be Dunya News, which will launch on Sky at the end of the month; a channel number is yet to be assigned.

Some adult and psychic channels (e.g. channels 890 and 944) have already left Sky this week and in the shopping genre, Beachbody - the channel that appeared in place of shortlived ITV/JML joint venture channel The Store - has been removed from both Sky and Freesat.

  • The Jewellery Channel has moved to Beachbody's old slot on Sky channel 652. Update: On Freesat, the channel moved to 809 on 02/04/15.
  • Lamhe closes on Sky channel 795, to be replaced by &TV on the 6th April. 

Testing on Sky at the moment is TV3+1, a timeshift version of Irish commercial channel TV3, which will is encrypted. TV3 is solely available to Irish Sky subscribers.UPDATE; TV3+1 launched 08/04/2015 on Sky (RoI) channel 117.

Tests for Spike, the new channel from Channel 5 owner Viacom, are also live, but will become free-to-air ahead of the channel's launch on 15th April 2015. Spike will appear on Sky channel 160 and Freesat channel 141. The channel will be in standard definition.

Satellite manual tuning frequencies for Channel 5 and its sister channels are now listed on a516digital.


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