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RT gets cash boost as debts mount

Russia's international news channel RT has become a victim of Russian financial troubles following recent economic woes affecting the country.

Reports from Russia say that although RT's annual Government grant is in the process of being increased by the equivalent of €91.5 million (or around £66.7 million), current fluctuations between the Russian Rouble and the US Dollar in the past few months mean that it is going to have to use the money to pay off debts in foreign currencies, with the cost of distributing RT around the world reportedly now exceeding the channel's budget.

Details of the budgetary woes affecting the channel first surfaced in January, when it was revealed that plans to launch TV services in French and German had been put on ice, with further international expansion on hold.

Separately, this week it was also revealed that Russia is seeking to cut hotel costs for the next Football World Cup which the country will be hosting in 2018.

RT's previously generous state funding has triggered calls for US and British external services to receive budget increases to help counteract RT's expansion.


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