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Local TV turns the airwaves blue

TV channels for Cardiff and Tyne & Wear have become the latest local TV services to land in hot water with Ofcom for breaching broadcasting rules.

Following a compaint to Ofcom about nudity during an early evening programme on Made in Cardiff broadcast in December, Ofcom also discovered the programme - Brits Behind Bars - also featured strong language and 78 uses of bleeped out swear words within descriptions of violence and "aggressive confrontations".

Made in Tyne and Wear was given a dressing down for broadcasting sexual scenes and 10 instances of "offensive language" in Reel Film, a programme aired at 6pm on 3rd January 2015.

Responding to Ofcom's investigations, Made TV expressed its “sincerest regret” that this material was broadcast and stated that it took the broadcast of unsuitable material pre-watershed very seriously. An apology to viewers was broadcast on 17 January 2015 in the same timeslot as Reel Film as “an effort at re-establishing the trust we have with our audience”.

Made TV added that it had also reviewed its compliance arrangements and now “adopted an ‘err on the side of caution’ approach”, and would no longer schedule “anything with overtly adult themes in a pre-watershed slot”.

Following another incident which recently got sister channel Made in Leeds into trouble, Ofcom has ordered representatives from Made TV to attend a meeting to discuss the local TV operator's compliance arrangements.

In a separate incident, Norwich's local channel Mustard TV hit the headlines in March after a presenter used a swearword during its early evening show.