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Less ITV in Europe via satellite

UK TV ABROAD | High definition versions of ITV2 and ITV4, broadcast on the Sky platform, have changed frequencies. This means expat viewers in parts of Europe can no longer receive ITV channels via satellite.

The change in frequency was associated with a switch from a pan-European beam to the UK spotbeam, which covers the British Isles and a narrow overlap into continental Europe.

As reported here throughout April, numerous changes have taken place over the course of the month as satellite broadcasters reshuffle services to make best use of capacity and utilize new broadcast parameters. The two channels were the last ITV services widely available through a Sky box down into the Mediterranean. ITV3 HD was moved to a UK spotbeam in February 2015. Other ITV services changed satellites in February 2014, reducing overspill into Europe.

The switch means some expats have lost access to ITV's sports coverage and Coronation Street and Emmerdale replays in areas where the main ITV channel wasn't receivable via satellite. The ITV soaps and a selection of other ITV programmes are however available online in numerous countries via the ITV Essentials subscription service.

Technical changes
ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD are among services to be broadcast on a transponder that has recently changed Forward Error Correction (FEC) rates. The new FEC rate makes reception even worse in fringe areas, such as parts of Germany, Austria, northern Italy, southern France and northern Spain, but increases the number of channels that can be broadcast on each transponder. Viewers in the core coverage area see no difference.

The changes can sometimes be compensated by installing a larger satellite dish, although services in fringe areas are subject to dramatic seasonal fluctuations making permanent reception difficult.

ITV / STV / UTV manual tuning & frequency pages

Watch Coronation Street, Emmerdale and more in Europe via ITV Essentials. (external link)


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