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Downtown Country launching in Northern Ireland

UPDATED | Listeners in Northern Ireland can tune in their DAB digital radio stations to new country station Downtown Country, which officially launched at 3:15pm on Wednesday 15th April.

It's available via DAB to around 95% of listeners in Northern Ireland, giving a taster of what's to come on the station.

The new station will cover a mix of American and local country music, showcasing talent right across the spectrum of contemporary and classic genres.

Most DAB digital radios that can already receive Downtown Radio on DAB should add the new station automatically, but some will need to be retuned. Listeners can check which stations they can receive in their area on DAB at http://www.getdigitalradio.com/whats-on-dab/in-your-area 

Listeners across the UK can listen on via the Downtown Radio app for mobile or tablet and online at downtown.co.uk.

Updated 15/04/2015


  1. Excellent station, long long overdue, More country stations for the UK please ! I do hope this is a decent bitrate and stereo though, sounds quite good online anyway


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