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Boost for local TV signal in Cambridge approved

More viewers will be able to tune into Cambridge's forthcoming new local TV service after a temporary boost to the coverage area was approved by Ofcom.

Local channel Cambridge Presents is due to go on air by October 2015 on Freeview. Ofcom has agreed that the Madingley transmitter, which is located between the city and the region's main Freeview transmitter at Sandy Heath, should be allowed to radiate the local TV signal over a broader area.

Ofcom's Broadcast Licensing Committee noted that the projected coverage would increase from 83,000 households in the original projection to 95,000 households, with more viewers around the outskirts of Cambridge now set to be included in the reception area when the service launches.

The coverage boost is timed to expire in 2018, subject to future decisions on how the Freeview service should be broadcast across the UK when mobile network operators are expected to take hold of the 700 MHz block of TV frequencies around the end of the decade.


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