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BBC World News goes HD in Europe

The BBC's commercially funded international news channel BBC World News is now available free-to-air in HD across Europe, following a deal between satellite operator SES and BBC Global News Ltd.

The HD version of the channel is being broadcast from SES Astra satellites at 19.2 degrees East, the same satellite position used for German free-to-air channels. 

Viewers with a dish pointing at the Astra 1 satellites can find the channel with the following parameters: Frequency: 11 229 V, Symbol Rate: 22000, FEC: 3/4, 8PSK

BBC World News HD is not available on dishes solely set up for Sky UK and Freesat.

Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer of SES.
"We are delighted that the BBC has chosen ASTRA 19.2E for the HD distribution of its premier international news channel,"

Colin Lawrence, Director of Distribution for BBC Global News Ltd.said
"Following the investments we made in our content and presentation on BBC World News, last year we saw an audience increase in daily reach. HD is undoubtedly becoming the default viewing preference, and this new partnership enables delivery of our world class service to European audiences."


  1. Funny, we pay for this channel but aren't allowed to watch it in the UK. Oh unless of course the BBC decide it's ok when they use it for filling airtime every morning on BBC2, or when, like last week, there's some disaster and it's cheaper.


    1. The BBC is forbidden to distribute BBC-branded channels in the UK that carry advertising.

      Increasingly BBC World News programmes are shared on the BBC's UK channels. This saves money - the cost is shared, reducing the bill for licence fee payers. Notably, in the next few months, BBC World News programmes Business Live and Outside Source are coming to the BBC News Channel, as the News Channel makes further budget reductions.

  2. We don't pay for BBC World News - its part of the BBC commercial arm. There is nothing to stop you seeing the channel Astra 1 has a strong signal in the UK - you just need to have a dish pointing at it!


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