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BBC Two rehouses more BBC Three content

BBC Two has taken BBC Three's Hair and Family Guy, ahead of this summer's expected announcement over the future of the BBC Three linear channel.

The move of Hair to BBC Two was first announced last year, when the channel also took Backchat with Jack Whitehall and Russell Howard's Good News. Today it was announced that Steve Jones is being replaced by comedian Katherine Ryan as presenter on Hair.

Family Guy will soon appear on BBC Two, commencing with a Simpsons cross-over episode. New episodes of the animated show will move to ITV2 from the autumn, leaving BBC Two with repeats.

Last week, the BBC Trust confirmed it was reviewing over 23,000 consultation responses following the BBC Executive's proposal to remove BBC Three from linear TV. As the fate of Family Guy was one of the key issues of the proposals, subsequent developments have effectively cancelled out many of the responses.


  1. Has to be one of the most badly handled moves in the BBC's history. Unbelieveable they're happy to close a TV channel yet gave both 6 Music and Asian Network a stay of execution.

  2. The fix is easy - give the BBC a decent licence fee deal that undoes all the real terms cuts of the last few years, plus adds money to support the World Service and S4C, and adds buffer for the increase in non payment of the licence fee that will happen when it ceases to be a crimimal offence.

    Of course with many political parties in hock to Murdoch for election campaign donations, the BBC is effectively doomed long term. Every election sponsored by Murdoch will snip a bit more off the BBC funding.