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BBC Three to stay on TV for the rest of 2015

BBC Three will remain as a regular TV service this year, with any move online now deferred to early 2016.

It follows news that the BBC Trust is not expected to reach a provisional conclusion until June 2015. Last week, BBC Trust Minutes from its February meeting confirmed that there would be a "a second period of public consultation", following the provisional conclusion.

Preempting what appears to be a foregone conclusion by the BBC Trust, BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh told Broadcast:
“Once we have the Trust’s final decision, we’ll start doing more online and in social, building up to a move online-only after Christmas.”

He said the time was needed to be able to market the online channel ahead of the move.


  1. So the BBC want more time to market an online channel? What a load of tosh when they went gung ho into closing BBC3 down in the autumn, they knew what they were doing then didn't they?

    My opinion on what this is all about is the BBC being hell bent on getting a +1 slot for BBC1 and something has to go because of it. A +1 channel is nothing more than repeats and it just highlights what many people think in that the BBC has lost it's reputation in being the best broadcaster in the world. Once it had quailty programming and now it's lost nearly all sports and depends on old hat like Eastenders to fill it's prime time viewing slots.

    No plans for the future, no bold programming initiatives and no imagination, just repeats is on their agenda (look at BBC4) so the whole organisation wants shaking up if you ask me.

    1. Although other media outlets continue to report otherwise, the BBC Executive proposals published in January 2015 say that BBC One+1 will use a 24 hour slot, initially on a different Freeview multiplex to BBC Three. BBC Three is a timeshare slot with CBBC which plans to extend its hours, so BBC One+1's slot will not come from BBC Three (pending final decisions). Therefore BBC Three doesn't necessarily have to close to make way for BBC One+1...

    2. I take your point but it is a proposal only and I wouldn't take it too seriously myself bearing in mind what the BBC have done so far before the channels future is decided.

      At the end of the day the BBC has to save money because the license fee is unrealistic to them and cutting or losing BBC3 is but one way of doing it.

      How could BBC1+1 be achieved then I wonder? It either has to to go on PSB1 or PSB3 as PSB2 is full up as I see it. They could move to COM8 I suppose but they don't get a hundred per cent coverage. So chop BBC3 and BBC3HD and you have the bandwidth for +1 don't you?

      To mix it up more I've just read this 'A senior BBC executive told that the decision is likely to be waived through by the Trust but that the regulator may insist that the channel’s slated online budget is increased. According to the executive, a number of BBC programme-makers hope that the the Trust will only give the proposed move online the go-ahead if the programming budget is increased from the BBC's current proposed figure of £30m a year to a figure approaching its current spend, which currently stands at £55m.'

      If it's true then why increase the budget when the main reason for moving the channel is to save money in the first place?

      Too many cooks are stirring the broth and this whole thing looks like becoming a farce. It's being very badly handled in my opinion.


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