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Sky price change scheduled for June

UPDATED | Sky has announced it is 'changing' its satellite TV subscription prices in June, three months earlier than usual.

Messages on the Sky TV sign-up pages on the Sky website advise new subscribers that Sky TV prices are changing on the 1st June. Subscribers are advised that as part of Sky's terms and conditions, Sky may "increase prices by up to 10%" during a minimum contract term.

The sports package is going up £1 a month, the Family Bundle, which includes some of Sky's most popular entertainment and drama channels is increasing by £3 a month in June.

Sky recently paid a record amount to retain Premier League football rights through to 2019, which heightened fears among fans about price changes.

Rival BT has yet to confirm its prices for BT Sport during the 2015/16 football season, when it will start to show live Champions League football.

Last updated: 19/03/2015


  1. Someone has to pay Wayne Rooneys wages. Losing the Champions League too makes it even more of a money grab - and I suspect it'll be Sky's subscribers as a whole rather than Sky Sports subscribers who cough up for it.


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