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Official: ITV2 takes Family Guy from BBC Three

ITV is to become the free-to-air home of all new series of the hugely popular Seth MacFarlane comedy Family Guy, taking the rights away from BBC Three.

Beginning this autumn, all new series of Family Guy will have their UK premiere exclusively on ITV2, The multi-year deal also includes other Seth MacFarlane animated comedies American Dad, The Cleveland Show and new series Bordertown.

The announcement appeared to contradict an earlier announcement by the BBC that it would be retaining Family Guy until the beginning of 2017, despite plans to close the BBC Three TV channel in favour of an online service. The BBC today clarified that it will continue to show repeats until 2017. BBC Three has screened all series of Family Guy so far.

ITV’s Director of Television, Peter Fincham said:
“Seth MacFarlane's shows have firmly established him as the comedy voice of choice for an entire generation.  Seth is sharp, hugely irreverent and brilliantly funny which is reflected in his fantastic shows.  We are delighted to be welcoming him and his comic creations to ITV.”

 ITV’s Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, Angela Jain said:
“Family Guy is satire with nothing off limits - it's like spending half an hour with the funniest guy in the room and watching him freestyle - it is a joy to announce to all Seth MacFarlane fans that the new series premiere will be on ITV2 from this Autumn.  The acquisition of these brilliant and distinctive shows is totally in line with the strategy of strengthening ITV2 as a comprehensive entertainment channel destination for young viewers.”

Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution’s President of International Television, Marion Edwards said:
“Family Guy is one of our most important, iconic series and we are very excited about this new collaboration. We are confident that this extraordinary series will not only bring its loyal fan base to ITV, but will also be embraced by an entirely new set of fans.”    
Speculation over ITV acquiring the rights to the animated series started to circulate after the lift doors at ITV's HQ were redecorated promoting Family Guy, forcing ITV to admit it had been in talks to bring the series to ITV.


  1. A move from BBC3 to ITV2 is going to cause picture and sound quality to plummet. I've been watching on BBC3 HD, but even BBC3 SD is far better in picture quality than low bit rate ITV2.

  2. Screw the picture quality, I'll be annoyed at having to watch adverts ;)


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