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No local TV for Stoke-on-Trent

Bay TV Stoke would have been available in this area.
Local TV will not be launching in Stoke-on-Trent after Ofcom turned down the only application for a local TV licence in the area.

Bay TV Stoke was told by Ofcom that it had been unsuccessful earlier this month. It had planned to offer a local TV service providing local news and information to the Potteries from the Fenton Freeview transmitter.

Explaining its reasoning behind not awarding a local TV licence for the Potteries, Ofcom voiced concerns over a credible business plan.

It said:
"After careful consideration of the financial information the Broadcast Licensing Committee (BLC) was not satisfied that Bay TV Stoke (BTVS) had put forward a credible business model to maintain the proposed service for  the length of the licence period. 
The BLC judged that the applicant’s projected advertising revenues were highly optimistic and would be extremely difficult to achieve, and that they were combined with a high cost-base. Though the Committee considered that the Stoke coverage area offered sufficient population coverage such that a commercial proposition could be viable, the ambitious nature of the specific business plan proposed by BTVS taken with the specific nature of the proposed programme service, gave the Committee considerable reason to doubt that the applicant would be able to maintain such a service for the duration of the licence period."

Bay TV Stoke was the only applicant for the local TV licence.

Bay TV had an earlier application to operate local TV in Bangor, North Wales turned down. It already operates local TV in Liverpool, with a separate service for Mold, North East Wales in development. A separate application for a local TV service in Inverness by Moray Firth Media Trust was also turned down this month.


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