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New BBC channels get set to launch in Scandinavia mid-April

UK TV ABROAD | The commercial arm of the BBC is launching its two latest channel 'brands' in Scandinavia week commencing 13th April 2015.

BBC Brit and BBC Earth replace BBC Entertainment and BBC Knowledge in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. They are operated by BBC Worldwide.

Launching Monday 13th April, BBC Brit will be the home of BBC stalwarts Top Gear, Pointless, Dragon's Den, Live at the Apollo, QI, The Graham Norton Show, BBC Three's Life is Toff and Sky 1's An Idiot Abroad.

BBC Earth, which launches a day later on 14th April, starts of with programme highlights including Wonders of the Solar System, Bang Goes The Theory, Deadly 60, Earthflight and Stargazing.

Confirmed channel numbers:

Country/Provider BBC Brit BBC Earth

Canal Digital DTH 42 38
YouSee 18 63

Canal Digital DTH 27 26

Altibox 46 48
Canal Digital Cable 24 69
Canal Digital DTH 41 37
GET 16 51
RiksTV 11

Boxer 18
Canal Digital DTH 36 25
ComHem 43 36
Sappa 29 31
Telia 93
BBC Worldwide advises interested viewers to contact digital TV platform operators for subscription details.

BBC Brit and BBC Earth first launched in Poland. BBC Worldwide is currently in the process of launching and rolling out several new channel brands around the world. This has included BBC First, a new entertainment channel in Australia.

Viewers of BBC Worldwide channels in Europe outside of Scandinavia and Poland continue to receive BBC Entertainment - the former BBC Prime - for the time being.


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