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Friday the 13th launch for Horror Channel on Freeview

Friday the thirteenth of March has been been confirmed as the launch date of the Horror Channel on Freeview.

The channel is already available on Sky, Freesat, Virgin Media and TalkTalk TV. The move will be welcomed by fans of the channel who have been lobbying for the service to come to Freeview.

Eagle-eyed web users spotted an entry for the Horror Channel on Freeview's website TV guide last week, heightening anticipation of its arrival. It's now been announced that it will be taking transmission capacity from Arqiva and launching on channel 70.


Horror Channel
On Freeview and YouView
Around 90% of households
Full time
Yes on some devices, especially where channel 70 is still showing as CBS Action. Some devices will automatically add the channel.
Available to viewers…
…who can already watch 4Music (channel 18) and Al Jazeera English (channel 133) on Freeview, as it is broadcast on the same multiplex.
What’s on?
Classic episodes of Doctor Who by day and advanced horror dramas and movies by night.
Where to get more information about the channel…

Tanya Gugenheim, Chief Business Development Officer, AMC Networks International – Zone said:
“Horror Channel has become the third channel in the CBS AMC Channel portfolio to launch on Freeview within a year, joining CBS Reality and CBS Action and underscoring the demand for our content offering. The channel already boasts a loyal fan base, and we’re pleased to introduce it to a broader audience through Freeview.”

Guy North, Managing Director at Freeview said:
“We’re excited to welcome another member of the CBS AMC Channel portfolio to Freeview. Horror Channel will provide the bravest of our viewers with plenty of thrilling programmes alongside cult classics and fantasy favourites for the more faint-hearted.”

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  1. Do we know if this is a 24/7 transmission or a shared one?

    1. looks like it will be sharing with the community channel as it's off air now
      it new hours are put on screen as midnight - 9pm

    2. Presumably then on the 13th the Community Channel in standard definition will disappear and the Horror Channel will take all of that bandwidth as Channel 70. Is that it?

    3. The Community Channel has moved to UHF Channel 33 West midland Sutton Coldfield transmitter where it has it's new 24 hours Slot and also where it's Community HD Channel also has it's slot on UHF Channel 33 so in one it was a Smart move by the Community channel as the two are together on UHF channel 33 i support this move

    4. There is just one version of the Community Channel going forward, which is now restricted to around 70% coverage.

  2. Great news. It also shows the Incredible Hulk week evenings.

  3. It's appropriate it starts on Friday the 13th don't you think

  4. Great News, All That's Left Is CBS Drama To launch On Freeview Then It's Complete

    1. Why not put CBS Drama on Freeveiw LCN 74 and on UHF Channel 39 in the West Midlannds on the Sutton Coldfield transmitter and take off the Ideal world shopping Channel and replace it With CBS Drama issue solved.

    2. Broadcasters enter carriage contracts with multiplex operators, and can't be bumped off Freeview to make way for another channel.


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