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EE TV users now able to watch Game of Thrones via Now TV app

EE today announced the arrival of Now TV, Sky's popular streaming service, on its EE TV boxes, giving EE broadband customers another low-cost way to access top Sky shows such as Game of Thrones and Moone Boy either live or on-demand.

It becomes officially available on Thursday 12th March 2015.

Now TV was briefly spotted on the EE TV interface during the winter ahead of this announcement indicating its forthcoming arrival. With the official launch, EE TV users now have the option to subscribe to Now TV's sports, movies and entertainment passes, which provide access to Sky's premium channels without a contract.

Until now EE TV users who wanted Now TV have had to use a separate box, such as the Now TV Box or Chromecast to access the service.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer, EE TV, said:
“We’ve developed the EE TV service so that exciting new content and services can be regularly added to enhance our customers home TV viewing experiences. The NOW TV app is a great addition to our current content line up - providing customers with opportunities to watch some of the world’s most popular TV series, live sports action and international movie blockbusters."
Gidon Katz, Director of Now TV, added:
“With Game of Thrones, the world’s most talked about show available to watch from the very beginning, there couldn’t be a better time for EE TV customers to enjoy NOW TV. Whether you’re a film fan and want access to Sky Movies or want to watch the biggest games on Sky Sports, it's great news for TV fans as NOW TV offers something for everyone.”

The move further enhances the viewing options available to EE TV customers which already includes Freeview with more than 70 channels, as well up to as 13 in HD (depending on location), and 18 on demand apps, with further partners confirmed to join the service in the coming months.

The EE TV smart box is free for new and existing EE mobile customers who also subscribe to EE Broadband plans of £9.95 a month or above.

Entertainment Month Pass
 £6.99 a month
Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts 1, Sky One, Sky Living, Comedy Central, Discovery, FOX, Gold, ITV Encore, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.
Plus on-demand box sets, catch-up on shows from the above channels and access to abc Studios on-demand content
Movie Month Pass
£9.99 a month
All of the Sky Movie channels, live or on-demand
Sports Day Pass
£6.99 a day
Sports Week Pass
£10.99 a week
Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Sky Sports News HQ and Sky Sports F1
Prices correct as of 11/03/2015. See for current prices, terms and conditions.


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