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Changes to the Community Channel on Freeview

UPDATED The Community Channel on Freeview will become exclusively available on receivers compatible with Freeview HD from Friday as part of changes to accommodate the Horror Channel on the platform.

The channel has, until now, been available to viewers on channel 63 and to Freeview HD and YouView box owners in some areas on channel 109. 

On Thursday, some technical changes were made in advance of the old version of Community Channel being switched off, but how these affect you depends on your receiver. By Friday, some, but not all viewers will lose the Community Channel:

Community Channel continues for viewers with a Freeview HD or YouView receiver on channel 63, subject to a retune, providing they could previously receive Community on channel 109. Around 70% of the UK population is in the new coverage area of the Community Channel.

Community Channel
'Old' slot (Multiplex COM6/ArqB)
Available on all types of Freeview receiver
Channel 63 ► Channel 790 - temporary channel number showing information slate
The bandwidth is reused for Horror Channel.
'New' slot (Multiplex COM7)
Available on Freeview HD and YouView devices in some parts of the country*
Channel 109 (former upscaled HD) ► Redirection slate
Bandwidth now used for 'new' standard definition slot on channel 63. Retune required.
*Areas where BBC Four HD is also available. See to  check predicted Freeview channel coverage in your area.

The previous service on channel 63 that all types of Freeview equipment could receive ceases, freeing up bandwidth for the Horror Channel on channel 70.

Affected viewers who lose access to the channel can view a live stream of the channel on mobile, tablets and PCs via the TVPlayer App and website.

The channel continues as normal on cable and satellite services.

updated 12/03/2015