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CBBC joins forces with Radio 1 for Chart Show

  • New collaboration starts in May
  • Then in July, the charts move to Friday....
CBBC is joining forces with Radio 1 for a new Official Chart Show from May that will broadcast live from Radio 1's Live Lounge on Sunday evenings from 6.30pm.

As Radio 1's Clara Amfo counts down the Top 10 in the adjacent studio, CBBC will simultaneously reveal the nation's favourite downloads and songs in video form, culminating in the unveiling of the official Number 1.

The CBBC/Radio 1 collaboration will initially run from 10th May into the summer.

Then from July, the countdown of the top 40 best-selling and most streamed tracks in the UK will move to Friday afternoons on BBC Radio 1, during the Greg James show, ending the decades-long tradition of airing the charts on Sunday. The move follows changes in the way new songs are released.

The BBC will announce shortly what will fill the 4-7pm slot on Sundays.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller CBBC, says:
"It's a no brainer to work together to bring this exciting show to the CBBC audience. Music plays a massive part in their lives and we hope that taking part in the Top 10 countdown will be the first of many collaborations with Radio 1.”

Steve Wynne – (CD:UK, SMTV, Disney) Head of TV, Pretzel Films TV says:
"We cannot wait to bring the live, weekly, Top 10 countdown to a brand new generation of viewers. It's a dream job - CBBC+live+music+Radio 1 = a must see, entertaining show that everyone will be talking about."


  1. Didn't the CBBC channel used to run an hour long chart show in it's early days at 6pm on Sundays?

    1. Genome says yes! http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/schedules/cbbc/2003-03-09
      But not a co-production with Radio 1.


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