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BBC One Wales hit by technical problems

Late night viewing on BBC One Wales didn't go to schedule when technical problems forced BBC Wales to abandon its programming this evening.

BBC One Wales began to encounter technical problems at around 10:37pm during the end of the news and weather, initially with a loss of sound. The following programme, The Wales Report commenced in-vision only, followed by technical fault caption, before BBC One Wales crashed into the network version of BBC One, which was showing Match of the Day.

This caused confusion among football fans, who in Wales were expecting Match of the Day and its coverage of Tottenham v Swansea at 11:10pm on BBC One Wales. Those that missed the earlier than scheduled broadcast expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

BBC Wales apologised for the technical problems. A second attempt to screen The Wales Report at 12:15am also failed, forcing the channel to switch back to network BBC One for the night.

Updated: 07:39 05/03/15


  1. Problems again at around 7.40am this morning (Thursday 5 March). BBC1 Wales HD crashed out of the Breakfast programme, showing random programme promotions for about a minute before crashing back into the network feed.


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