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aQ Broadcast powers local news operation

CASE STUDY | aQ Broadcast Limited has revealed that local TV channel Big Centre TV, has gone live with a combination of aQ Broadcast’s “QNews” newsroom system, “aVS” video server and “aPS” production suite. And it was all done in record time.

Big Centre TV broadcasts to Birmingham, the Black Country, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton via transmitters at Sutton Coldfield and Brierley Hill. Kaleidoscope TV, the holding company for Big Centre TV, was awarded the licence to run the service late in 2014.

The licence was awarded on the condition that the new channel would be on-air by 28 February 2015, giving just 12 working weeks to launch a channel that, at the time the licence was granted, had no staff, no office or studio space, and no technology in place.

aQ Broadcast designed, developed and installed a complete solution for the channel, including shared media storage for all users and program teams, ingest and playout ports for news and transmission operations, newsroom computer system (NRCS) scripting and rundown handling, automation for news playout, video and audio handling for the production studio, file processing and upload handling for delivery to Comux (the operators of the digital transmission infrastructure for the LTV licence holders) and hardware down-conversion for the station’s ultimate SD output.

aQ Broadcast Managing Director Neil Hutchins said,
“We were the single supplier for all of the video and network infrastructure involved in the project, including PC server and workstation hardware, network switches and hubs, video routing, teleprompter hardware, ingest VTR, off-air receiver and monitoring. This meant that we could build and test much of the system before delivery – in fact the majority of the system is housed in a single 18U wheeled rack, which was prepared off-site in advance and simply rolled into position. This approach ensured that a reliable solution could be installed extremely quickly.”
Big Centre TV Channel Director Chris Perry said:
"aQ has been involved with launching several local TV stations and they were an obvious first choice to design and build our infrastructure. The training and on-site support has been tremendous. It's no exaggeration to say that they are key technology partners of Kaleidoscope TV Ltd moving forward as we build and equip more studios."

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