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All4 replaces 4oD on 30th March

Channel 4 today announced that the first release of its new digital service All 4 will launch on Monday 30th March on PC, iPads and iPhones. At the same time, the new All 4 brand replaces the 4oD brand across all platforms.

The new 'all in one' digital hub will  host all of Channel 4’s linear channels, digital content and other online services – including the latest addition of mobile live streaming – for the first time.

The new intuitive design provides viewers with three experiences – On Demand, Now and On Soon:
  • On Demand is the place for catch up and archive programmes including Box Sets
  • Now is where viewers can watch live broadcasts and, over time, engage with other in-the-moment content experiences such as interactive formats, news clips, brand new Shorts and social media conversations
  • On Soon showcases upcoming previews and promos where viewers can set reminders and alerts – and watch exclusive episode premieres before their linear TV broadcast

All 4 makes all Channel 4 content fully mobile – whether live or on-demand – via 3G/4G streaming and catch up content available for download.

From launch All 4 will host a special selection of Channel 4 Premieres in advance of their linear TV debut including new season Made In Chelsea; Series Rewinds including hit US drama Nashville; and for the first time ever on-demand, critically acclaimed comedy The Inbetweeners Movie 1.

The All 4 service will be extended to other digital platforms including Android across 2015. All4 is one of the catch-up services launching later this year on the new Freeview Play platform.

Registration is required to watch all 'long-form' programming: Channel 4 says this will "enable a personal viewing experience and build the foundation for an exclusive viewer rewards hub". The broadcaster has confirmed that over 11 million viewers are already registered with Channel 4 – including 1 in 2 of all 16-34 year olds in the UK. Reassuring viewers who do register, Channel 4’s Viewer Promise fronted by comedian Alan Carr has been designed to underpin its data strategy to "ensure absolute transparency with viewers around its use of data".

O2 Priority customers get first glance at shows on All4
In a special premiere partnership, O2 customers using Priority, the UK’s largest digital loyalty scheme and programme superfans (Channel 4 determines a ‘superfan’ based on their on-demand viewing behaviour) will get exclusive 48 hour access to ten flagship Channel 4 and E4 series including brand new Peep Show, Fresh Meat and Made In Chelsea, amongst others. O2 Priority viewers and superfans will be invited to click through from the app to a tailor-made Priority area which will host the episodes 48 hours before they air to Channel 4 viewers. 

O2 branding will appear on the All 4 service across many commercial TV platforms (but not on Sky, BT or Virgin) as well as a pre-roll campaign produced by VCCP across On-Demand streams across all platforms.



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