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UHD 4K demo service launched ahead of industry event

SES has launched a UHD 4K test service ahead of an industry conference next week in London which will look at the future for the  format.

The industry event on the 12th February will aim to answer questions such as "where in the world is 4K a reality?" and "will broadcasters go for 4K now or wait until 8K?"

The demo service is found on the Astra 2 satellite system (28.2 degrees East) used for UK Sky and Freesat channels, using the following parameters:

Frequency: 12.441
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 29500
Forward Error Correction (FEC): 3/4
Broadcast in: DVB-S2 , QPSK

If you don't have equipment that can decode HEVC and don't have a TV that can handle UHD/4K you won't be able to watch. That's the vast majority of people at the moment.

SES is also broadcasting the UHD demo channel on Astra 1 (19.2 degrees East) serving continental Europe as well as Astra 4 (4.8 degrees East), which serves Scandinavia and the Baltic regions. That version of the demo channel is being used to supply content to electrical retailers for demonstration purposes.

Early adopters to 4K TV need to be aware that UHD broadcast specifications haven't yet been standardised around the world and there's still a lot of uncertainty about how UHD/4K transmissions will be distributed, so that any early 4K/UHD transmissions via satellite will need a separate

At the weekend, media reports suggested that Sky would be introducing a new 4K satellite receiver and PVR ahead of rival BT's expected push in to 4K TV later in the year, although Sky's Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch has since gone on the record urging caution on 4K, dampening speculation about a 4K box.

Where in the world is 4K now a reality?

  • Where in the world is 4K now a reality?
  • Where is the programming? What is currently being produced in 4K?
  • Is the significant boom in TV display sales being driven by consumer ‘PULL’ or manufacturers ‘PUSH’?
  • Will broadcasters go for 4K now, or wait for 8K in a few years?
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    1. Many thanks. II'm watching it now. The quality and definition is superb. for a screenshot off the TV.


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