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Sky takes MLS, BT retains Serie A in latest football rights tussle

In a blow to BT, Sky has picked up the rights to show Major League Soccer in the UK and Ireland in the latest tussle between the premium sports channel operators. BT Sport will however remain the home of Italian Serie A football until 2017/18.

The four-year MLS deal with Sky Sports begins in March, bringing an even wider range of coverage to Sky Sports viewers. With former England captain Steven Gerrard announcing he will sign for LA Galaxy in July, and Frank Lampard set to join New York City this summer, Sky Sports will be the only place to follow the fortunes of two Premier League legends in the US.

Sky Sports Managing Director Barney Francis commented:
 “Football in the US and Canada has enormous potential for growth and we can’t wait to bring this competition to our viewers for the first time. Thierry Henry has joined us, he created fantastic memories in MLS, and we look forward to seeing more of those great stories from across the Atlantic.

“We offer an unrivalled range of sport across our seven channels and we are always looking to offer more choice. After recently adding football from Holland, Italy and UEFA European qualifiers, we are delighted to now add MLS to that list.”

Of BT's renewal of Serie A rights in conjunction with other footballing rights, BT notes that this will result in its sports channels having the rights to show in total "up to 380 exclusively live matches a season."

Italian football fans can continue to enjoy watching clubs such as AC Roma and AC Milan attempting to wrestle the league title from current champions Juventus.

Simon Green, head of BT Sport, said:
"Serie A attracts some of the best players in the world and is a fantastic, competitive league featuring some of the legendary teams of European folklore, such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter and Roma."


  1. Who are the two "Premier League Legends"? ;)

    I doubt BT will be too concerned about losing this one - aren't most the games overnight?


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