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Sky 4K to launch this Spring?

Even clearer vision -  4K TV
Sky is reportedly planning to launch a 4K, Ultra HD service this Spring, according to media reports over the weekend.

The new ‘Project Ethan’ Ultra HD TV set-top box would be launched to help counter the threat from BT’s exclusive deal to screen European Champions League and Europa League football from next season.

BT is understood to be preparing for 4K transmissions via the YouView platform later this year, and Virgin Media is already trialling 4K content.

Sky is not making any comments, with analysts expecting that Sky will make an announcement, if appropriate, on Wednesday 4th February, when its latest results statement is due.

Last year, 4K content was trialled on Freeview HD via an experimental multiplex broadcast from three transmitter sites and coincided with the World Cup and Commonwealth Games. It is however at the current time unlikely that 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) content will be distributed via terrestrial TV, due to plans to sell off another chunk of terrestrial TV frequencies later this decade.


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