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CBS Action promoted up Freeview's channel list

CBS Action moves to Freeview channel 64 on Thursday 19th February in the channel's second move up the channel list since it first appeared on Freeview's Electronic Programme Guide last year.

The move also affects viewers with a YouView box.

The channel, which is the home to Bonanza, MacGyver, JAG, Star Trek, NCIS and Deadwood launched on channel 70 on the 1st October 2014, after originally appearing on channel 90 ahead of its Freeview launch.

The move brings CBS Action closer to its sister channel CBS Reality, over on channel 66. A Freeview licence for another of its sister channels - Horror Channel - has been issued by Ofcom, but no official launch announcement has been made so far.

Whether you're an aerial installer or someone who likes to retune hotel TVs, the position of CBS Action on Freeview is a good indicator of when the TV owner last retuned Freeview, where devices don't automatically retune:

Where’s CBS Action on your Freeview TV?
If your device doesn’t automatically retune, CBS Action may appear on a variety of channels, depending on when you last retuned Freeview.
3rd September 2014 (Freeview Retune Day – major changes to Freeview channel numbering took place on that day)
Channel 90
1st October 2014
Channel 70
19th February 2015
Channel 64

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  1. Maybe That Explains The Reason For The Reshuffle To Make Room For The Horror Channel, My Prediction Is Ch 67

  2. Freeview channel 67 is used for Chart Show TV in Gtr Manchester

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