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BBC Red Button rolls out on Freeview HD

 The BBC has confirmed the roll-out of its Red Button services on Freeview HD and YouView, where viewers to BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, BBC Three HD and CBBC HD will be able to press red to gain access to the BBC's digital text service and other interactive features.

The new functionality was first spotted by viewers on Tuesday by viewers in London and the North of England. Now it's going to be rolled out to other areas, meaning once it arrives in their area, viewers will no longer have to switch to standard definition channels to access BBC Red Button services.

Compatible smart TVs as well as YouView boxes will be able to access the BBC's Connnected Red Button service via the HD channels.

Peter Schofield, the BBC's Senior Project Manager for BBC Red Button, confirmed that the service would not be extended to BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD or BBC News HD on Freeview HD because of these services being carried on separate multiplex to the other BBC HD channels.

Explaining the roll-out he said:
"On most platforms, we were able to offer the full range of interactive services on the launch date of the BBC HD channels. However, due to technical limitations we were unable to bring the BBC Red Button to Freeview HD until now.
"These technical limitations have now been resolved following work from the BBC's Future Media TV platforms team in Salford and BBC Distribution in London, and now allow us to bring the usual features of the interactive service to any Freeview HD certified device."


  1. This should be on all the HD channels, so why not move them to the same multiplex?

    1. Because ITV and C4 won't want their reach ditched to accomodate BBC4 and BBC News HD.

    2. Technically, there is actually room for CBeebies/BBC Four HD on the multiplex. The inclusion of ITV and Channel 4 on the BBC owned multiplex was part of Ofcom's original plan for the introduction of HD on Freeview.

    3. ...of course the BBC Executive are planning to use some of the spare capacity on the HD multiplex for BBC One+1 in standard definition.

  2. Great, now just the local BBC news channels in HD and job done - finally..! Roll on 4K ;)

  3. From various reception reports it appears that remaining regions now have the Red Button on Freeview HD.


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