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BBC News Channel to simulcast World News show Outside Source

UPDATED The BBC News Channel is teaming up with its international sister channel BBC World News from 1st June 2015 for the interactive news programme Outside Source, which will air at 9pm UK time Monday-Thursday.

The show, which will be presented by Ros Atkins, brings together the BBC's newsgathering from the BBC language services as well as the BBC's network of UK and international reporters. With social media becoming ever more important in breaking news stories and sharing audio and video from news events, Outside Source follows the latest news trends and feedback on Twitter and Facebook,  providing the interactive element to the programme.

Outside Source was first launched on the BBC World Service in October 2013, before launching an edition on the BBC World News TV channel at 6pm UK time in early 2014. The show, which broadcasts from the BBC Weather balcony at Broadcasting House, sometimes already appears on the News Channel instead of the BBC News at Six O'Clock during breaking news coverage.

The new simulcast show with the BBC's commercially funded international news channel is part of a number of changes to the BBC News Channel in 2015, as part of its share of budgetary cutbacks across the broadcaster's output, which sees a number of programmes simulcast across BBC channels. From April, BBC Two and BBC News Channel will share a live morning news discussion programme presented by Victoria Derbyshire. BBC World News and BBC News Channel will also share a joint business bulletin at 8:30am from later in the Spring.  The News Channel has since 1998 shared overnight programming with its international counterpart.

The BBC has also confirmed that from Friday through to Sunday, the 9pm slot will be the home of World News Today.

James Harding, BBC Director of News and Current Affairs said:
"Outside Source has shown real ingenuity and flair in its story-telling on BBC World News and I am delighted it is going to reach many more viewers both in the UK and around the world."

updated 12:18, 23/02/2015


  1. I don't understand why the BBC World News channel is not available in the UK, I much prefer their world news stories compared to the mainly drivel we get on the BBC news channel.

    They should shelve their plans for BBC1 +1 and put on BBC World News instead ( minus the adverts ).


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