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Tiny POP grows on Freeview

At 3:00am this morning, children's channel Tiny POP commenced its extended broadcasting hours on Freeview, three months after first appearing on Freeview channel 126.

Until now, the service was only available for four hours each afternoon. Last month, a press release from Sony Pictures Television, Tiny POP's owners stated that the channel would be "launching" today on Freeview. Programme listings for the channel belatedly appeared on the Freeview EPG.

The channel, which targets a pre-school audience, goes head to head in direct competition with the BBC's CBeebies channel and Channel 5's Milkshake strand, but is on air the longest, with programmes running until midnight, although it is questionable how many in its target audience will be watching past their bedtime.

Unlike on other TV platforms, which have Nick Jr and Disney Junior as competing services, Tiny POP currently has no other commercial children's channels competing for the same audience on Freeview.

Tiny POP is the home of programmes such as Babar, Clifford the Big Red Dog and My Little Pony.

Older sibling POP, which goes head-to-head with the likes of CBBC, is available on Freeview channel 125, but only in areas where local TV services are available, due to being distributed on a Freeview multiplex with lower UK coverage.

The channel's extension further cements Sony Pictures Television's growing presence of Freeview, who since their 2014 acquisition of CSC Media operate the following channels on the platform: Movie Mix, Movies4Men, Movies4Men +1 (Manchester only), True Entertainment (not in Wales), Chart Show TV (Manchester only), POP, POP+1 (Manchester only) and Tiny POP. These channels are also available on YouView's channel list, subject to coverage.

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  1. It's about time Channel 5 / Viacom launched Milkshake as a channel, even if it is a simulcast of the current hours. It looses out by not being in the childrens section surely?


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