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Now TV to get April acid test

Sky's budget internet streaming service Now TV is to be stretched to the max in April, when the new series of Game of Thrones hits the service.

It's been announced that the latest season of the cult TV series will launch on Sky Atlantic on Monday 13th April 2015, less than 24 hours after the premiere on HBO in the USA.

As Sky Atlantic is only available on Sky's satellite or Now TV services, many non-satellite viewers have opted to subscribe to Sky's monthly entertainment pass for Now TV to access the channel.

Last year, demand for Game of Thrones was so high that the Now TV service crashed, leading to many disappointed fans. Similar problems affected Sky Sports viewers on Now TV on the last day of the 2013/14 Premiership football season. Fans are hoping that Sky has added sufficient extra capacity to keep up with demand.

There have been signs of improvements: there were no major faults over Christmas and New Year, with just isolated reports of buffering when Disney's Frozen was premiered on Sky Movies.

In recent months, Now TV has aggressively promoted its service and offered discounts to viewers - with vouchers appearing in selected stores in December giving new and existing viewers the chance to get three months of Sky's entertainment channels for the equivalent of £5 a month and cheap bundled deals including the Now TV box and introductory subscription in one. Now TV is also available on other smart devices, including Chromecast and Apple TV. The entertainment channels are currently not available on YouView, which only has part of the Now TV service.

The regular monthly subscription for Sky's entertainment month pass is £6.99 and also includes access to Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, ITV Encore, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Disney Channel alongside on-demand content. It can be cancelled at any time, with the service ending when the next payment would have been due.


  1. I think I only had a problem one week out of the ten, though had the patience to watch on demand the next day. Got 2-3 months extra out of the various issues though - actually probably works in NOW TV's favour as I fully planned to unsubscribe once GOT finished, but with the extra months I stuck with it and continue to subscribe monthly.


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