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Magic goes national on DAB digital radio

London easy listening station Magic has become the latest station to go national on DAB digital radio, coinciding with a number of changes to radio stations across the UK today.

Overnight, Magic was added to the national DAB digital radio multiplex Digital One, broadcasting alongside Absolute Radio, Classic FM, LBC and TalkSPORT.

Martin Collins, Nick Snaith, Gary Vincent, Angie Greaves, Richard Allinson and Danny Pietroni complete the station's weekday line-up of presenters. Denise Van Outen and Rick Astley feature at the weekends on Magic. (Update: they've also added Christine Bleakley, John Barrowman and Claire Sweeney to their line-up)

The move is part of the latest changes at Magic's owner Bauer Media, first announced in September 2014, which has in recent years been ramping up its presence across digital radio and TV platforms.

In the north of England, where Bauer Media operated a second chain of stations called Magic, further changes are being made. Now that Magic (London) is nationwide on DAB, stations previously called Magic in Northern England have been rebranded according to the name of their sister station on FM.

The northern England Magic stations on AM and local DAB have now changed as follows:
Central Lancs: Rock 2
Humberside: Viking 2
Leeds: Aire 2
Liverpool: City 2
Manchester: Key 2
South Yorkshire: Hallam 2
Teesside: TFM2
Tyne and Wear: Metro2

At the same time, these radio stations have joined forces with Scottish stations Clyde 2, Forth 2, Northsound 2, Tay 2 and Westsound to form a new 'Greatest Hits' network, which will share programming from both sides of the border. Scottish and English stations will continue to broadcast separate programmes from their country at breakfast and drivetime, but daytime, overnight and most weekend programming will be shared, with a mix of programmes presented from either Scotland or England.

Bauer Media has also made a number of other changes to the distribution of its services on DAB digital radio. A full overview of all the current changes can be found here.

Later this month, Bauer Media will replace The Hits Radio on DAB with locally branded services across northern England and Scotland.

Digital Radio

Changes to DAB radio stations broadcast on national and local DAB services across the UK.


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