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Jazz FM's business news partnership goes pear-shaped in a matter of hours

Jazz FM's partner for its early business slot has gone bust, hours after a press release proudly confirmed the partnership between Jazz FM and Alpari UK.

The press release confirmed a business breakfast partnership between Alpari UK and Jazz FM, with the programme presented by Michael Wilson, formerly of Sky News and now a presenter on ARISE News.

However, following yesterday's turmoil on the markets following the Swiss Central Bank's decision to drop link between the Swiss Franc and the Euro, and just hours after announcing the tie-up with Jazz FM, Alpari UK announced it has filed for insolvency and is closed for business.

Alpari's Chief Market Analyst, James Hughes, originally commented: "We're really excited to be getting involved in this unique project alongside Jazz FM, and particularly the opportunity to discuss and dissect the latest financial and economic news live on air. It offers us a different platform to take financial trading to a wider audience and really generate further interest and awareness."

Jazz FM broadcasts on DAB digital radio in London and on digital satellite platforms across the UK.


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