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How to watch STV Edinburgh

From 12th January 2015, STV Edinburgh will be available on all major digital TV platforms across the Edinburgh area. The extent of the coverage area depends on the digital TV service being used:

The Freeview signal is also used on YouView boxes, so that viewers with BT TV and TalkTalk TV in the Freeview coverage area can also tune into the station.

STV Edinburgh 
channel numbers
Virgin Media
*includes BT TV/TalkTalk TV users within the Freeview coverage area 
**168 in the STV Central (West) region.

Freeview and YouView
On Freeview and YouView, STV Edinburgh is being broadcast from the Craigkelly transmitter, north of the Firth of Forth. Most of Edinburgh and some surrounding areas are covered by the signal; for those whose aerials in Edinburgh point in a northerly direction.

Viewers may need to retune to receive STV Edinburgh on Freeview channel 23, which is bundled together with QVC Extra on channel 57 and POP on channel 125 via the new local TV Freeview 'multiplex'.

Check local coverage at or on the coverage map below. Some parts of the Edinburgh area receive a signal from the Black Hill transmitter or via a relay transmitter. STV Edinburgh is currently only available via the Craigkelly transmitter.

The map below provides a rough guide: local topography may restrict or enhance reception around the edges.

STV Edinburgh: Freeview coverage area - Ofcom.

Sky subscribers who receive STV Central (East) on channel 103, with the main regional STV News at 6pm from Edinburgh will see the channel on Sky 117. It is a free-to-view service, meaning that anyone with Sky in the region will be able to watch STV Edinburgh on Sky channel 117, regardless of their subscription type.
UPDATE 12/01/2015: If you're in and around Glasgow (STV Central West region), STV Edinburgh is on Sky 168.
(Manual tuning details for viewers outside of the STV Central (East) TV region here.)

Other satellite services
The service will not be available on Freesat or via free-to-air satellite receivers.

Virgin Media
The cable TV provider has added STV Edinburgh across its Edinburgh network on channel 159.

Viewers in the Scottish regions covered by STV will be able to watch the channel online via the STV Player.


  1. what about the tuning details? This channel should be viewable outside of the area via other channels on a Sky box with a paired viewing card.

    1. Check out the local TV page for the technical stuff from satellite tuning details to UHF channel number for Freeview. Deliberately kept this article as simple as possible.

  2. Replies
    1. Currently no local TV channels are distributed in HD. They only have capacity for an SD slot on Freeview, and an HD slot on satellite would increase distribution costs.


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