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Has the wind and rain affected your local transmitter?

Strong winds and power cuts are currently affecting TV and radio reception in some areas.

There haven't been any significant outages on major transmitters so far, but numerous relay sites have had issues over the past 24 hours, leading to a temporary loss of some Freeview channels and DAB digital radio in some towns and villages, especially in parts of North and West Scotland, where winds have been the strongest causing some of the worst power supply problems, affecting both homes and transmitters...

While the weather can also affect individual aerial installations and cabling, viewers can check their local transmitters on the BBC's Radio and Television Investigation Service website to see if any reception problem is widespread due to the local transmitter being down, before seeking professional advice on any reception problem not linked to a transmitter fault.
  • Update: During 10/01/2015 some relay transmitters, again mostly in Scotland, e.g Oban, were temporarily unable to offer the correct regional versions of the main channels. You will see "wrong region" next to affected transmitters at the link above.


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