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Community Channel takes a short break from Freeview channel 63

The Community Channel is taking a short break from Freeview and YouView channel 63 for the remainder of the week, as a result of other changes to the Freeview service.

During the 6th January, the service on channel 63 will be removed and is scheduled to return on Monday 12th January 2015. Coinciding with the change, it will move multiplex,  meaning a frequency change and a retune in order to regain access to the channel.

Viewers who are currently able to access the Community Channel on Freeview HD channel 109 are not affected. Availability on other TV platforms is also not affected.

From 12th January 2015, the service on channel 63 will be available for 24 hours.

The Community Channel is operated by the Media Trust and is given free airtime or broadcast capacity on digital TV platforms. Multiplex operator Arqiva - a corporate member of the Media Trust - has traditionally provided several hours of off-peak airtime for the channel on Freeview. Last year, the Community Channel's hours were extended, first after Bid TV closed, using its vacated bandwidth. Then following a brief reduction of hours in the summer, it was given extended hours during the morning and evening on channel 63 from mid-September 2014. Effectively, the Community Channel gets to use temporarily unused bandwidth on Freeview until the bandwidth can be made available on a commercial basis to another broadcaster.

Other changes on Freeview include an extension of the broadcast hours of TinyPOP, the children's channel that first appeared on Freeview channel 126 between 3pm and 7pm in October and the removal of the BT Sport 2 stream on channel 59 once all existing BT TV subscribers who accessed the channel via their TV aerial instead of via the internet are 'switched off'.

January 2015 channel updates: keeping you informed about the changes to the Freeview service.

Read more about the availability and roll-out of local TV services in the UK.



  1. Daystar appears to have replaced Jewellery Maker today. We'll see at 1900 if Tiny Pop has extended hours.

    Guessing Community will be using the capacity previously used by BT Sport 2? I'm assuming this will entail a reduction in bandwidth for that mux.

    1. Given the lack of info re Tiny POP who knows, was more expecting that Tiny POP would take Community's former daytime hours (until 3pm), to add on to its existing four hour slot.

    2. Tiny POP now displaying an MHEG caption stating "Programmes return at 3am". Sounds like your guess was spot on.

    3. (So there's now some capacity from 1900 to 0000 on ARQ A...)

  2. To be fair, Tiny POP announced its "launch" that isn't a launch for the 7th January, the Community Channel's move just kick starts the shuffling around on Freeview over the next few days. Interesting to note BT Sport 2's video bitrate plummeted around midnight into the 5th January, spending most of the day at around 1Mbps before perking up again today. BT Sport 2 should be finally deactivated and removed by next Monday.

  3. Confirmed, Tiny Pop started broadcasting as you predicted at 3am.


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