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Celebrity Big Brother spreads to pay TV as Viacom channels co-operate further

Viacom's pay TV channels and Channel 5 continue to move closer together with the news that pay TV service MTV will carry edited highlights of this year's Celebrity Big Brother.

MTV UK will show the previous night's highlights show at 2 and 7pm on weekdays and 6pm at the weekend. The announcement follows last year's acquisition of Channel 5 by the US media giant and follows similar programme sharing deals, which for example, has seen Australian soap Home and Away being shown on ex-music channel VIVA at the weekends.
As the MTV repeats are before the 9pm watershed, some content will need to be edited.

Some have argued that the inclusion of Celebrity Big Brother on MTV dilutes the channel as a pay TV proposition, as it is showing what is already available free-to-air on Channel 5. The MTV repeat of the show on the following day is in addition to its broadcast on Channel 5+24, the free-to-air primetime catch up channel from Channel 5, which celebrates its first year on air next month.

There are questions regarding the need to spread content over so many channels, with other parts of Channel 5 output also appearing on 5+1, 5*, 5 USA as well as 5+24 and now other Viacom channels.

In November, Channel 5 simulcast MTV’s music awards show, the EMAs, for the first time, leading to the event's highest viewing figures in the UK and the two channels have commissioned the forthcoming reality series 10,000 BC.

Viacom will be making its first major TV platform distribution changes in Spring, when it launches a UK version of the US network Spike. Spike will replace VIVA on Freeview. Some of VIVA's content is reportedly destined to migrate to 5* in due course.

But there is still no news regarding the inclusion of Channel 5 HD on Freeview - it's the last of the main 5 channels to offer a free-to-air HD channel: cruically this means no Celebrity Big Brother in HD on free-to-air TV services.

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