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Can I receive ITV services via satellite in Ireland?

In the Republic of Ireland, it's possible to manually tune in most ITV services using a Sky or generic free-to-air satellite receiver, even though ITV isn't officially distributed via Sky in the Republic of Ireland.

This is thanks to the overspill signal from the UK, which covers the whole of Ireland, and of benefit if you want to watch an ITV programme that isn't being shown on UTV Ireland or TV3.

To find current tuning information for ITV services, including the ITV regions, ITV2, ITVBe and more, please visit the ITV/STV/UTV services by Name page, which you can see a list of services that can be manually tuned in.

Tuning parameters for Channel 3 services and their offshoots, including ITV2, ITV3, etc on satellite receivers within the UK spotbeam of the Astra 2E/F satellites.


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