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Birmingham's new local TV service sets February launch date

UPDATED Birmingham's new local TV station has set a February launch date, following a series of delays after the previous licence holder went into administration.

Going by the name of Big Centre TV, social media reports from those involved in local TV have indicated a variety of launch dates in February. The most current information states that the channel will launch on 28th February 2015, which is the 'must launch' deadline issued by Ofcom.

Big Centre TV is operated by Kaleidoscope TV Limited, who were given Ofcom approval in November 2014 to become the new holders of the Birmingham local TV licence after the original licence award winners BLTV went into administration. BLTV were planning to launch a service called City 8 in Birmingham.

Freeview and YouView users in Birmingham and the Black Country who can already receive "QVC Extra" on channel 57 and "POP" on channel 125 from either the Sutton Coldfield or Brierley Hill transmitters are in the coverage area for the forthcoming service, which will soon appear on channel 8.

Additionally, the channel will broadcast in the area on Virgin Media channel 159.

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Updated 15/01/2015, 19/01/2015, 28/01/2015


  1. i use the wrekin transmitter will Kaleidoscope TV use the wrekin transmitter as a relay transmitter on Channel 51 LCN 8 Any idea on the overlaping cover for north east wolverhampton as they have to use the wrekin transmitter to get the whole of wolverhampton covered in this area

    1. Only Sutton Coldfield and Brierley Hill transmitters will carry Big Centre TV. (UHF Channel 51 can't be used at The Wrekin - it would interfere with other services. There are no plans for a local TV service to be licensed for broadcast from The Wrekin transmitter.)


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