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BBC Worldwide launches two new channels for Scandinavia

The BBC's commercial arm BBC Worldwide is revamping its channel offering to viewers in Scandinavia from April 2015, when BBC Entertainment (the former BBC Prime) and BBC Knowledge are ditched in favour of two new services, both to be available in HD.

BBC Brit becomes the new entertainment destination for viewers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, with a schedule featuring Top Gear, alongside shows presented by Graham Norton, Louis Theroux and Stephen Fry.

BBC Earth replaces BBC Knowledge as the BBC's factual channel and the home to a selection of the BBC's documentaries.

BBC Lifestyle and the international BBC HD channel will continue to be available to viewers in Scandinavia.

In Poland, local versions of these new channels will launch next month.

These channels are commercially operated at no cost to the UK licence fee payer, and are available through commercial pay TV platforms. The new channel brands are part of a strategy announced by BBC Worldwide last year.

Paul Dempsey, BBC Worldwide’s President, Global Markets said, “We know that viewers in the Nordics love our content and we can now give them more of what they want with these carefully curated new channels featuring exclusive first runs of the best of British TV.”

Tobi de Graaff, Executive Vice President for Western Europe, BBC Worldwide added, “These new channel brands were borne out of audience research that told us exactly what our fans want from BBC Worldwide. I am delighted that audiences in the region will now have dedicated spaces for territory premieres of Top Gear and some of the best natural history and premium factual content anywhere in the world.”

There are no changes currently planned for viewers of the BBC's international channels in other European countries. BBC World News is operated by the BBC's Global News division and is not affected by any changes by BBC Worldwide.

Meanwhile, BBC Worldwide has confirmed that South African subscribers to BBC Entertainment will be able to watch Top Gear within minutes of its broadcast on BBC Two in the UK.

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