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BBC confirms 10 Free-to-air F1 races in 2015

The BBC has revealed details of this year's F1 Grand Prix races to be broadcast live on free-to-air television.

In 2015, the BBC will show the following races live:
  • Malaysia 29 March
  • Bahrain 19 April
  • Canada 7 June
  • Great Britain 5 July
  • Hungary 26 July
  • Belgium 23 August
  • Japan 27 September
  • Russia 11 October
  • Brazil 15 November
  • Abu Dhabi 29 November
Extended highlights programmes will cover the remaining races on a free-to-air basis, with Sky Sports F1 taking the live coverage.

All the races will, once again, be live on BBC Radio 5 live or 5 live sports extra and fans can also follow all the action and the latest news on the F1 section of the BBC Sport website and via the BBC Sport App.

BBC Head of F1, Ben Gallop, says: “Like all F1 fans, we can’t wait for the 2015 season. With Lewis Hamilton as World Champion, F1 in Britain is in a great position and we’re delighted with our race package. These live races, combined with our ever-popular highlights programmes and our extensive coverage on radio and online means F1 fans can follow every step of Hamilton’s title defence on the BBC.”

The BBC negotiates with fellow broadcaster Sky on the division of live and non-live races, with a variety of factors being taken into account when deciding the picks.

The BBC has a deal to broadcast Formula 1 racing, through to and including 2018.

Non-pay TV subscribers can opt into Sky Sports F1 for the remaining live races. Now TV's Sky Sports Day Pass offers a 24 hour pass on a number of devices including laptops, Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV. It's currently £6.99 a day, but is expected to revert back to £9.99 a day in March.


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