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BBC announces daytime news output changes with new Victoria Derbyshire show

Victoria Derbyshire: coming to BBC Two and BBC News
The BBC has confirmed details of a major change to its news output from 7th April 2015, with the launch of a new programme presented by former 5 Live presenter Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel.

Announcing the move, the BBC said that "the show will develop innovative and creative ways to engage with the audience on TV, online and via social media – bringing a greater variety of stories to BBC News, and becoming the first 'digital first' TV news programme, with each video being designed for an online audience first. For its first four weeks it will focus on the General Election, featuring live debates and key interviews.

"It will be hosted from London but will feature regular debates around the country and draw on reporting expertise from across BBC News. "

The times for the show haven't been disclosed in this afternoon's announcement, but a  recent report for Forbes suggested the show will air in the post-Breakfast slot from 9:15 to 11:00am.

Earlier in the morning, the BBC News Channel will broadcast a new business programme broadcast after BBC Breakfast between 8:30 and 9:00am. During its first month on air, in the lead up to the General Election, the new business programme will be on BBC World News for international viewers, thereafter it will also air on the BBC News Channel.

James Harding, Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, says: “I am thrilled that we are able to bring Victoria’s award-winning journalism and forensic interviewing to such a large audience, and hugely excited by the programme’s potential and ambition. It will be the centrepiece of domestic daytime TV news.

“In the year ahead, on the most important stories – the future shape of the UK, the health of the global economy – our audiences will rightly expect us to be at the very top of our game. With these new programmes, and their commitment to bringing new perspectives and powerful story-telling, we will be very well placed to meet this challenge.”

Victoria Derbyshire says: “‘I hope this programme will combine the informality of radio with the sense of drama often only TV news can bring. We’re going to experiment with innovative ways of telling original stories, and give our audience a genuine opportunity to be at the heart of a TV news programme. I’m so pleased we’re launching just before the election when we’ll bring voters and politicians together in our big audience debates.”

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller of BBC Two, says: "I'm very pleased Victoria Derbyshire is coming to BBC Two. The show's lively discussion of the day's news events is an exciting new addition to our daytime schedule."

The changes mean that the BBC News Channel's rolling news coverage in its current format won't start until 11am, effectively only running for 13 1/2 hours a day until 12:30am, before handing over to HARDtalk and the BBC World News channel overnight until Breakfast.


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