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UTV Ireland starts to appear on Irish channel line-ups

UPDATE UTV Ireland has now taken its slot on Sky in the Republic of Ireland ahead of its launch on 1st January.

As reported earlier this week, UTV Ireland has been assigned channel 116 for Sky subscribers in the Irish Republic. Sky HD subscribers will see the HD version on this channel and the standard definition version down on channel 267.

On Saorview (Digital terrestrial TV), UTV Ireland has appeared on channel 6 overnight.

Speaking about the impending launch, Jim Higgins, Saorview's Business Development Manager, said: “We are delighted to be in a position to offer our viewers the added choice and new perspective that UTV Ireland will bring to Irish broadcasting. The addition of UTV Ireland to Saorview means that Irish TV viewers now have even more reasons to switch to Saorview, and to enjoy the most popular programming in Ireland with no monthly bills."

As yet, there's been no confirmation if the Saorview service will be available in HD at launch or in the future.

On Irish cable (UPC), UTV Ireland will take over the current UTV Northern Ireland feed on channel 110, where it will also be available in HD. IP platform eVision will also carry the HD version, and has allocated the service channel 108.

Where UTV Ireland has already been made available, a 'barker' promoting the service will commence shortly running until the channel officially launches.

Some viewers in Northern Ireland and the west of Wales should be able to receive the UTV Ireland service via Saorview signal overlap via a TV or set-top-box that supports MPEG4 codecs (e.g. Freeview HD, YouView boxes), otherwise the new service will be restricted to viewers in the Republic of Ireland. UTV Ireland will feature a number of programmes shown in the UK on the ITV/STV/UTV network alongside homegrown shows, news and current affairs.


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