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S4C joins the BBC iPlayer

UPDATE The BBC has welcomed the addition of content from Welsh public service channel S4C on its iPlayer platform.

Writing on the "About the BBC" blog, Rhys Evans, the BBC's Head of Strategy and Digital, said: "S4C programmes (with English language subtitles for most programmes) will become available on over 1,200 different versions of new iPlayer by January – an amazing technical feat when you come to think of it. It’s very exciting since it also offers some potent pointers to the future."

Ian Jones, S4C Chief Executive said, “It has been great to have worked together in partnership with the BBC to ensure that S4C content is now available on BBC iPlayer. This is integral to S4C's strategy set out at the beginning of 2012 of ensuring that S4C’s content is available anytime, anyplace, anywhere

S4C launched in 1982 as the fourth analogue TV channel in Wales. Until digital switchover, it combined home-grown Welsh language programming alongside popular Channel 4 shows. Since 2010, S4C operates a full schedule of news, current affairs, lifestyle, factual, drama and children's programmes. As part of the current licence fee agreement, the BBC is responsible for providing £76 million annually for the channel, in addition to the income received by S4C through other sources, including advertising.

All S4C programmes continue to be available through S4C's own catch-up service Clic.

The BBC produces several shows for S4C including soap opera Pobol Y Cym and S4C's news programmes alongside critically acclaimed drama Hinterland (Y Gwyll), which was shown on S4C, then BBC One Wales and BBC Four.


  1. 1200 versions of iPlayer - something isn't quite right about that.

    1. A direct quote from the BBC. It does sound a lot.

  2. There don't appear to be any subtitles on iplayer for Y Gwyll


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