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Power problems send Bauer DAB stations off-air

UPDATE A power cut has affected radio stations coming from Bauer Media's One Golden Square complex.

Listeners reported losing access to Absolute, Heat, Kiss, Magic (London) and Planet Rock on DAB digital radio for just over an hour during Monday lunchtime.

Absolute Radio listeners mocked the station's earlier tweet , sent before the outage, that ironically said:
"An MP was photographed playing candy crush during a meeting. If we go off-air today, it's definitely not because we're playing it, no sir.."

Responding to tweets, Absolute confirmed the real cause of the fault, saying:
"we've only got ourselves (and the circuit breaker) to blame. What great timing to have a powercut! :)"

It advised listeners to try accessing the station online or via their app before the service was restored on DAB earlier this afternoon.

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