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Now TV launches on Windows 8.1

Sky's online streaming service Now TV is now available on PCs, laptops and tablet devices that run Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating system, taking the total number of devices supported to 60.

The arrival of Now TV on Windows 8.1 gives customers another way to watch Sky's main channels, including 13 entertainment channels, seven Sky Sports channels and the latest films on Sky Movies. Now TV offers a choice of Entertainment, Movies and Sports passes. The app can be found in the Windows Store to download.

Now TV allows customers to register up to four devices for the service, and watch on two devices at the same time - so from today one of the devices can be a Windows 8.1 PC, laptop or tablet.

In the 'small print', Sky does point out that "at launch, the Windows 8.1 Now TV app will not include some features when compared to other supported Now TV devices", but does not elaborate any further.

Gidon Katz, Director of Now TV, said: “We’re excited to launch on Windows 8.1, giving customers yet another platform to watch Now TV this Christmas, whether that’s watching the latest Christmas movies like Disney’s Frozen, festive favourites like Elf and Home Alone, or starting a new Box Set such as the complete series of Mad Men.”

Yesterday a516digital reported how gift vouchers can be bought by new or existing customers to gain access to Sky's main channels for the equivalent of a fiver a month, where you can find details of the channels available in each pack.

  • While Now TV celebrates launching on another service, earlier today, the Daily Telegraph reported that Sky is unhappy with its service on YouView, a platform that currently can't support the live streaming aspects of the service. The ability to live stream Sky channels would, for example, allow Sky to sidestep BT TV enabling it to offer its channels to BT YouView customers independently. The report cites rumblings in industry circles that Sky may pull the plug on YouView, although YouView says the partnership with Sky is still "ongoing".


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